Book Reviews

Readers’ Favorite (full review):

“The Last Faith: A Book by An Atheist Believer by Karmak Bagisbayev asks a lot of difficult questions about life and its elusive meaning. This 192-page book is all encompassing and provocative and it sure will make readers think again about their beliefs in life. Bravely going against many of the established moral principles of popular world religions, this book is definitely an intriguing read. It will perhaps raise some eyebrows but on the other hand, anyone with a critical mind will be drawn to The Last Faith. Surprisingly an easy read, it comes out as one curious man’s conversation with God Himself. Karmak Bagisbayev has a PhD in Physics and Mathematics, so he also presents explanations and evidence to support all his ideas, just like scientists do. And he is definitely very convincing!”

Foreword Clarion Review (full review):

“Karmak Bagisbayev’s The Last Faith, translated by Joanna Dobson, is a highly personal philosophical conversation with God that works to address large questions: freedom of choice versus fate, good versus evil, whether God intervenes in life on earth, and why human beings are here. It is entertaining and thought-provoking in equal measure.”

Kirkus Review (full review):

“A writer tries to answer all of life’s mysteries by having a Socratic dialogue with God in this debut philosophical work. As translated from the original Russian by Joanna Dobson, the conversations between God and the protagonist rely heavily on wordplay, engaging rhetorical strategies, and a dry sense of humor that helps to ground the lofty subject matter. This ambitious book’s unique structure offers some unusual, intriguing moments.”

Blue Ink Review (full review):

“From an early age, author Karmak Bagisbayev has pondered the purpose of human life. In this book, he presents his ideas cast in the form of a dialogue between the author and an unconventional God. His book will be an entertaining read for the philosophically minded, with many wry and surprising solutions to the questions he poses.”

An entertaining and thought-provoking dialogue with God written by a scientist from the former Soviet Union